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Lemmon Lies

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I fixed Russ 🍋's publication titled Lemmon Lines to Lemmon Lies in order to reflect accuracy. Can you say Smear Campaign?!

It's sad that "news" in Indian River County is so vile and used to smear #ParentalRights candidates and parents concerned about their children's education. Do the advertisers realize this? Do candidates advertising with them know?

That people can write opinions based solely on their imagination and when you ask for proof, they want a "coffee" with you rather than show their audience their alleged "proof."

That bloggers masquerading as journalists use biased, OPINION pieces to regurgitate these same allegations, inaccurate analysis, and false information.

Lies upon lies upon lies. To top things off, these lies have now landed Tiffany Justice a horrific, threatening voicemail saying that she and Moms for Liberty members should be abused. You can see the news report and hear the voicemail here.

Legacy media will be a thing of the past if these #lies continue. One truthful statement from 🍋 is that there is a sinister campaign in our beautiful town, but it's coming from Vero News and Lemmon Lines.

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