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The Hope Scholarship

‼️⚠️ Know that you have a “Get Out of Jail Free" card (actually up to $8000 per year) to attend a private school of your choice if your child is threatened, harassed, or bullied in any way at their public school!

🚨 What is the qualifying income? The Hope Scholarship is NOT dependent on income. Student eligibility is based on reported and documented incidents of bullying, assault, threats or other violent acts and is available to K-12 grade public school students.

🚨 What if the school does not agree that my child had a "qualifying incident"? It doesn't matter! You are eligible for the scholarship immediately after the school principal signs the Hope Scholarship Notification Form (the school should retain a copy and provide original document to the parent). "Incidents reported may be investigated at the district level, however, there does not have to be substantiation on the part of the district to offer a transfer to another public school with capacity or the ability for the student to move to an eligible private school on scholarship." See Florida Hope Scholarship website (<— Link). 🚨 Did you know you can place the HOPE Scholarship on "hold" for up to 3 years? Many members have told us that while they’re eligible for the Hope Scholarship, there are NO private schools in the area accepting students. Well the program has an answer for that ☺️ After you submit your paperwork (signed by the principal) to the website, and it’s accepted, your scholarship amount will be placed on “hold” in your account until you use it. At the beginning of the next school year, you will get a reminder to “reapply” by a form asking whether you still intend to use the scholarship. 🎉 It’s that easy! The scholarship amount rolls over to the next school year and will be available for up to 3 years from original submission year. 🗣 Questions? Here is the Hope Scholarship phone number where you can ask further questions or for clarification: ☎️ 877-735-7837

😱 Disclaimer: If any info is incorrect, please inform us asap so we can fix it!

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