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My Takeaways from 🎥 School Board Business Meeting 6 p.m. 8/29/2022

Fairly uneventful aside from the students and parents who wanted an investigation into a track coach firing. Library book policy decisions were pushed off to the next meeting, and Jones started to virtue signal towards the end. Barenborg complained about adult bullying while completely ignoring the bullies she attaches herself to. Keep up with the latest School District of Indian River County boring meetings! Please message us if we've missed something significant.

1️⃣ 0:23:07 Majority of public input was in favor of a recently fired SDIRC employee.

2️⃣ 1:00:29 Rosario talks about letter dated June 3rd about library books from Oliva. Mentions how to vet library books and what the board is supposed to do moving forward. References HB 1467.

3️⃣ 1:02:57 Rosario bring up the possibility of creating a process for library books while the district awaits FLDOE formal rule making.

4️⃣ 1:14:03 Jones starts to virtue signal. Mentions that students transitioning are protected by Title IX.

5️⃣ 1:16:43 Jones talks to parents like we don’t know how to properly reports issues to schools.

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